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    A unique world
    Logistics Alliance
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    Annual Meeting 2019
    Hanoi, Vietnam

Welcome to T.O.P.S. Logistics

T.O.P.S Logistics is a close-knit group of independent logistics providers. Based on our Member’s experience, innovation and commitment, our Network is able to offer an extensive range of freight services customized to benefit your business. No matter the cargo type and size, T.O.P.S Logistics Network has the skills and know-how to provide you with the transportation solution you need to meet the requirements of your business.

We offer comprehensive transport, warehouse and distribution services via our worldwide network. Whether sea freight, airfreight, road or rail transport, at T.O.P.S we work out the transport solution you need to meet the requirements of your business. Furthermore, our expertise and global network of partners allow us to keep tight control of shipping costs.


Members directory

With 50 members in over 30 countries around the world T.O.P.S has become a unique world logistics alliance. This network of independent companies have one common purpose , which is to deliver quality services.

Global Logistics Network

T.O.P.S Logistics Network was founded in 1997 in response to the growing need for local freight forwarders to act global. T.O.P.S Logistics acts as a worldwide umbrella network of selected members who cooperate under established standards, actively promote and support each other in the handling of freight forwarding and logistics. Over the years, T.O.P.S has gained presence in major trade markets and today deploys a vast and effective global network across 6 continents and is continually growing in strength and coverage.

  • LSP (Logistics Service Provider)

    As a Logistics Service Provider (LSP), the T.O.P.S Global Network goes beyond the typical advanced information technologies. Our members literally cater to your logistical needs by being your local overseas spokesperson. The services offered are based on relationship, experience and communication. It’s not just about shipping your goods from port to port or door to door it’s about working out the transport solution that meets your business requirements while keeping a tight...

Our Partners

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  • Bronel
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